School enrichment programs are educational experiences offered during the school day in partnership with classroom teachers using 4-H curriculum and programming. The following programs are offered in conjunction with Carlisle County Schools throughout the school year:

Truth & Consequences:

Truth & Consequences is a program for eighth-graders that educates them on the consequences of substance abuse. Parents, students, and a multitude of community partners are involved in this event.

Reality Store:

Reality Store is an event for seventh-graders that centers on consumer and financial education. Youth explore real-world money dilemmas in this eye-opening program.

Youth Ag Day:

4-H is a partner in this event for third-grade students that teaches youth about where they food comes from.

Jump into Foods and Fitness:

Fourth-graders participate in this six-week program that teaches youth about making easy, nutritious snacks and encourages them to try new foods.

Fun Flex:

4-H provides group games and opportunities for physical activity each week for middle school students.

Health Rocks:

Health Rocks is a substance abuse prevention program where high school students mentor fifth-graders to encourage them to make healthy choices for a lifetime.


4-H is always looking for new opportunities to partner with schools and teachers. Please contact the extension office if you are interested in any of our programs to see how we can bring it to your classroom!